The intelligent automatic gloves dipping machines of the company earlier realized the integration of equipment
machinery manufacturing and electrical automation control system, and achieved the combination of mechanical
equipment and automatic control parts.

Shandong Zhihui Machinery Technology Co. , Ltd.

Glove dipping equipment

Shandong Zhihui Machinery Technology CO., LTD. is an industry leading enterprise that specializes in the research and development, production, sales and service of intelligent complete set of gloves dipping equipments...

Gloves Dipping Equipment-Customer CasesZHIHUl will customize a scientific and suitable gloves dipping line for you.

Zero tolerance for defective productsWe firmly believe that only more specialized technology can produce better equipment

Shandong Zhihui Machinery Technology Co. , Ltd. produces machinery in the stability, durability are up to the national relevant industry norms. Before the products leave the factory, they need to go through a lot of tests to ensure that every machine and every part can meet the requirements. The dipping equipment of the smart gloves of Zhihui has the advantages of high running stability, high accuracy of the dipping position, and good product quality, it has the advantages of high production capacity, saving raw materials, few operators and high automation. It also has the advantages of on-line automatic trademark printing, on-line automatic demoulding, on-line automatic embossing and on-line automatic packaging.


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